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  • Aamir A. Rehman

  • Roger Conant

  • Kurt Lieberman

  • Indranil Deb

  • Stuart Hutton

  • Abdul Haseeb Basit

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  • Multilateral/Supervisory Member

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  • Individual Supporter

Please contact us for information on the additional benefits available for further details on membership opportunities including the benefits associated with membership in the RFI Foundation.


All institutions who are members benefit from joining a network of like-minded institutions with opportunities to learn how to adopt responsible finance practices and assistance implementing with assistance from RFI partner organizations with resources like training and capacity-building resources.

Please contact us for information on the additional benefits available for further details on the benefits of institutional memberships and we will be pleased to set up a short conference call to answer all your questions.


The RFI's members commit to constantly maintaining the highest possible standards for ethical behaviour in their profession. Any financial institution may become an Observer Member of the RFI. In order to become an industry member, a financial institution shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Board of Trustees that they have adopted or will adopt guidelines that the RFI shall designate.

Failure to adopt in a timely manner and to maintain compliance with RFI member guidelines as determined by the Board of Trustees in their sole discretion may lead to sanctions, including but not limited to, the denial of an institution’s membership renewal or immediate termination of an institution’s membership.


Complete the membership information request form and submit the form to the RFI’s membership team. RFI will contact you to verify the eligibility of your organization and send more information including a membership form. Once the RFI receives and approves your completed membership form, we will invoice your organization for annual dues.

Upon acceptance as a member and receipt of payment, member organizations will be able to take advantage of the many benefits of membership in the RFI.

Please indicate which type of membership you are interested and and questions you have below and a member of our staff will contact you. You can also email the information to

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